Tansy Rayner Roberts (cassiphone) wrote in lastshortstory,
Tansy Rayner Roberts

A story that George Eliot could have written.

"Wilds," Carol Emshwiller, Asimov's (Jan) - a haunting, creepy piece of slipstream horror, not what I'd expect to find in the pages of Asimov's. A man and a woman, both running away from something, meet on a mountaintop. There's a lot that this one has to say about survival and identity, but I will leave it for you to read for yourselves!

"Conditional Love," Felicity Shoulders, Asimov's (Jan) - a genuinely thought-provoking story (from the author of 2008's"Burgerdroid") about the future of medicine and disability. I'm not sure I liked the message that it conveyed at the end, but it was an interesting journey.

"Four Lies from the Mouth of God," Megan Arkenberg, Strange Horizons (Jan)
A beautifully written, truly awful story about the price women (and children) can pay for the political actions of men. Powerful reading, but I plan never to read it again.

"The Mad Scientist's Daughter," Theodora Goss, Strange Horizons (Jan)
This one is utterly delightful - a novelette (I think) in two parts, detailing a discreet ladies club made up of the monstrous daughters of some of literature's maddest mad scientists.  It's a quiet story - and yet the stories of each of these women has so much to say, about the disposable role of women in those early horror classics, and the way that women who do not fit into the constraints of society must exist as best they can, outside said restraints.  Fans of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and other meta-literature speculative fiction (such as John Kessel's "Pride and Prometheus") should run to inhale this one.

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