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Yes, we're still reading! - Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth
Yes, we're still reading!
"A Painter, A Sheep and a Boa Constrictor," by Nir Yaniv, Shimmer #10, translated from Hebrew by Lavie Tidhar. This is a simple, elegant and quietly diturbing story that manages somehow to combine science fiction, fantasy and horror all into the one tiny package.

"River Water," Becca De La Rosa, Shimmer #10 - a lovely, strange modern version of the Oedipus myth in which a taxi-driver travels through the underworld in search of her dead sister, accompanied by a mysterious Wolf. De La Rosa's writing is always lyrical and interesting, and I liked the themes of girlhood and loyalty running through this one along with the sadness.

"Mermaid," Robert Reed, F&SF Oct/Nov - a lovely subtle story of alienness, very much a modern Miranda only with, you know. Drug addicts and police investigations. I liked this one for what it didn't say.

"I Waltzed with a Zombie," Ron Goulart, F&SF - a very cute romp about zombies and Hollywood.
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mondyboy From: mondyboy Date: 16th November 2009 10:02 (UTC) (Link)
HA! I'm about to review F&SF Oct/Nov on my LJ. I have it here right next to me. I thought Mermaid was good but for me - unlike you - a bit too ambigous. I just needed one more little hint to get me over the line. I get the story, I just don't get the story.

I Waltzed with Zombie is wonderful. But my fave was Lucius Shepard's novella.
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