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A Book Of Endings - Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth — LiveJournal
A Book Of Endings
A Book Of Endings, the long-awaited collection of stories by Deborah Biancotti, one of Australia's best writers of short weird fiction (and I do mean weird) from Twelfth Planet Press, is a very tight and beautifully presented book.

Of particularly interest to those of us here at the Last Short Story saltmines of course, is the six original stories contained within. My favourites were "This Time, Longing," a very dark, modern fairytale about motherhood and grief, and "Diamond Shell," a lovely, surreal story of loss and escape. I really liked the dual nature of the narrative in the latter, with the story constructed around layers of mystery.

Hmm, I wonder what it says of me that the two I liked best were the saddest stories?

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girliejones From: girliejones Date: 21st September 2009 04:29 (UTC) (Link)
To be fair, she doesn't write all that many happy stories :)
deborahb From: deborahb Date: 24th September 2009 04:02 (UTC) (Link)
Aw, but Diamond Shell is an upbeat story of hope and freedom!

Sort of.
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