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LSS Year's Best, 2008

Well, having given you some time to digest (or find it hard to, as the case may be) our Australian lists, we now present our ultimate, all-consuming, world-embracing lists of the Year's Best short stories, out of those we read, in our humble opinion.

So here's our joint list, our recommended reading if you will:

The Gambler... Paolo Bacigalupi (Fast Forward 2)
Overkill... Elizabeth Bear (Shadow Unit)
Refining Fire... Elizabeth Bear & Emma Bull (Shadow Unit)
Seven Ages of the Protagonist... Deborah Biancotti (Scary Food)
Virgin... Holly Black (Magic in the Mirrorstone)
Oh Russia... Simon Brown (2012)
Neverland Blues... Adam Browne (Dreaming Again)
Jimmy... Pat Cadigan (The Del Rey Book of SF/F)
Anda's Game... Cory Doctorow (The Starry Rift)
Crystal Nights... Greg Egan (Interzone #215)
Angel Rising... Dirk Flinthart (Twelfth Planet Press)
This is Not My Story... Dirk Flinthart (ASIM #37)
The Hand of a Devil on a String... M.K. Hobson (Shimmer)
Creeping in Reptile Flesh... Robert Hood (Creeping in Reptile Flesh)
26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss... Kij Johnson (Asimovs)
Pride and Prometheus... John Kessell (F&SF)
The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates... Stephen King (F&SF)
The Kindness of Strangers... Nancy Kress (Fast Forward 2)
The Erdmann Nexus... Nancy Kress (Asimovs)
Machine Maid... Margo Lanagan (Extraordinary Engines)
The Surfer... Kelly Link (The Starry Rift)
Pretty Monsters... Kelly Link (Pretty Monsters)
Veronica Brown... Sean Manseau (Magic in the Mirrorstone)
An Eligible Boy... Ian McDonald (Fast Forward 2)
[a ghost samba]... Ian McDonald (Postscripts #15)
Special Economics... Maureen McHugh (Del Rey Book of SF/F)
The Hob Carpet... Ian R McLeod (Asimovs)
The Constant Past... Sean McMullen (Dreaming Again)
Truth... Robert Reed (Asimovs)
The Man with the Golden Balloon... Robert Reed (Galactic Empires)
Five Thrillers... Robert Reed (F&SF)
Soiree... Alastair Reynolds (Celebrations)
The Star Surgeon... Alastair Reynolds (The Starry Rift)
Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment... M Rickert (F&SF)
Body of Evidence... Justina Robson (Myth-Understandings)
Fragments of a Fantasy Life... Josh Rountree, Mikal Trimm (Realms of Fantasy)
Marrying the Sun... Rachel Swirsky (Fantasy)
The Situation... Jeff Vandermeer (PS Publishing)
Fixing Hanover... Jeff Vandermeer (Extraordinary Engines)
Chimera and Qi... Tinatsu Wallace (Shimmer)
Ass-Hat Magic Spider... Scott Westerfeld (The Starry Rift)


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