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girlie jones

Recs Ahoy!

"Palisade" by Cat Sparks in Clockwork Phoenix is kinda unsettling and creepy. Nothing good comes of people setting up reclusive colonies with laws unto their own. Very very icky.

I don't know why I left Margo Lanagan to crunch time. I mean, really, how many Lanagans can you read in one weekend? I read "The Goosle" from Del Rey Book of SF on Friday and ... you know, I just don't think I will ever be the same. It's a twisted version of Hansel and Gretel and it's horrible and nasty and foul. And gripping.

Another Lanagan that was gripping and disturbing was "The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross" in Dreaming Again. I very much felt this was not one of the strongest from Lanagan this year but it's here solely for the first scene because OMG! It'll be a long time till I forget that imagery.

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