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Hello! Remember me?!

I'm the slow coach bringing up the rear of this project this year. Though in my defense, I've read the second highest number of stories. I just ... didn't like most of them. I'm going to try and finish off my reads AND blog my stash before the endgame of 2008 LSS (which is tomorrow night).

So ... some short and sweet recs from me.

"Apart" by Grant Stone, ASIM 36 is a bit odd, quite quirky and I really liked it. A story about the quiet distance that grows between a married couple as she spends more and more time at work. Or bits of her do. It has a bittersweet tinge that I found touching.

"This is Not My Story" by Dirk Flinthart, ASIM 37. Flinthart's had a really strong year this year. It's nice to see him have a go at YA in this piece. A lovely nostalgic piece about youth and imagination and why we should all suspend disbelief once in a while. It left me with the smell of hot summer and the glow of the best of childhood friends.

"Her Collection of Intimacy" by Paul Haines, Black Issue 2. It's Haines doing what he does well. She collects DVDs of ... well ... intimate things. It's fucked up.

"Shadow of our Gods" by Cat Sparks, Borderlands Issue 10. I really like almost anything Sparks is writing at the moment. This one is a nice, gentle, odd little piece about religion and the sexy lure of it.

"A Tailor of Time" by Deborah Biancotti, "Clockwork Phoenix</i>. What I really love about this story is the idea that there is a man who makes time - machine pieces day to night, chooses the colour and the way the whole comes together and then drapes it onto the globe of the world and sends it down the chute to be ... a day in time. What if someone could find this tailor and beg him to find away to give him just one extra hour or two of time? What if the tailor agreed? I loved this piece.
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