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Reccomended Reading List - Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth
Reccomended Reading List

So here we go. After much deliberating, the four of us have come up with a list of our Recommended Reading, from out of the thousands of stories we've read this year. This list represents those stories that a majority, if not all of us, felt were stand-outs and something special. We'll follow this list with our own personal lists during the week, where we'll share some of our more personal tastes and our thoughts. For now, though, here is our list of recommendations for 2007:

(note: for reasons of potential bias, I've separated those works written or published by a member of LSS from the others. These are listed at the end of the other list. Feel free to take those with a grain of salt.)

Stories we loved:

Maelstrom... Kage Baker (The New Space Opera)
Last Contact... Stephen Baxter (Solaris Books of New Science Fiction)
Paper Cut Scissors... Holly Black (Realms of Fantasy October)
The Coat of Stars... Holly Black (So Fey)
A Reversal of Fortune... Holly Black (The Coyote Road)
Times Winged Chariot... Nicola Caines (Albedo One #32)
The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate... Ted Chiang (Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept)
Domine... Rjurik Davidson (Aurealis #37)
Knowledge... Grace Dugan (Interzone #211)
Chiaroscurist... Hal Duncan (Logorrhea)
Glory... Greg Egan (The New Space Opera)
Family Values... Sara Genge (Cosmos 16)
End Game... Nancy Kress (Asimovs April/May)
Fountain of Age... Nancy Kress (Asimovs June)
Bambi Steaks... Richard A. Lovett (Analog May)
A Complete Refabrication... Bren Macdibble (Orb #7)
Harvest... Joanne Merriam (Strange Horizons)
Stories of the Alien Invasion... Manek Mistry (Abyss & Apex #21)
John Wayne... Ben Peek (Aurealis #37)
Second Law... Alexandra Penn (Zahir #12)
Distant Replay... Mike Resnick (Asimovs)
The Sledge-Maker's Daughter... Alistair Reynolds (Interzone #209)
Memoir of a Deer Woman... M. Rickert (Fantasy & Science Fiction March)
When We Were Twelve... Heather Shaw (When We Were Six)
Muse of Fire... Dan Simmons (The New Space Opera)
Right to Work... Cat Sparks (The Workers' Paradise)
The River Horses... Allen M. Steele (Asimovs April/May)
Post Hoc... Leslie What (Interfictions)

Stories we loved with bias!:

The Goats Are Going Places... Tina Connolly (Shiny #2)
The Sun People... Sue Isle (Shiny #1)
Small Change... Trent Jamieson (Shiny #1)
Cracks... Trent Jamieson (Shiny #2)
Inside... Ben Payne (Ticonderoga Online #11)
The Bluebell Vengeance... Tansy Rayner Roberts (ASIM #28)
The Bride Price... Cat Sparks (New Ceres #2)

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girliejones From: girliejones Date: 7th January 2008 00:02 (UTC) (Link)
Just reading through this list in the black and white of the page - and I remember every single one with fondness. What a *great* list. Thanks to everyone who worked to create and produce each and everyone of these works. This list made reading worthwhile and rewarding in 2007.
tinaconnolly From: tinaconnolly Date: 7th January 2008 00:31 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, with salt! :)
iansales From: iansales Date: 7th January 2008 08:56 (UTC) (Link)
'Maelstrom'... that's the one from The New Space Opera that, well, fits no known definition of "space opera", right? And features really unconvincing Brit characters?
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