June 12th, 2010

short stories

Still Here!

Reading short fic hasn't been a priority lately but I will be catching up over the next few weeks.  In the mean time:

"The Frog Comrade," by Benjamin Rosenbaum, F&SF Mar/April - quite my favourite ever version of the princess and the frog fairy tale.  This one mixes in commentary on European politics and romance to create a very post-modern fairy tale that completely deconstructs the role of the princess.

"The Tower," Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Asimov's March - an enjoyable Connie Willis-style time travel romp centred around the Tower of the London in the 1600's.  Neyla is a historian leading the first official time travel group on an experimental journey - but one of their team is not what he seems, and has an agenda all of his own.

"Mindband," Pamela Sargent, Asimov's April/May - a fascinating story of a group of survivors dealing with the ramifications of life going on afterwards.  This is a very long maze of a story, full of character depth, and heavy on the mystery.  I enjoyed entangling it very much.