October 1st, 2009

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Daily Diamond

I just listened to the Clarkesworld podcast "White Charles" by Sarah Monette. Read by Kate Baker, this eerie piece is simply marvellous to enjoy aurally, combining an elegantly creepy moral story with a beautiful reading. Well worth it!
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Sparring with the Alien

"Fuck Gary, anyway. He is dead and she is here with an alien pressed against her cervix."

Kij Johnson, "Spar" Clarkesworld Oct - this is an amazing, disturbing (dare I say penetrating?) story about alien sex that actually deals with the various potentials of what sex with an alien might actually be like - that is to say, confusing and uncommunicative as well as being (by necessity) fairly open-minded about the definitions and parameters of sexuality. A chilling, ruthless and very memorable story. I agree with Jonathan that it's one of the must-reads of the year.
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Daily Diamond: Aussie edition

"for want of a jesusman", by Jason Fischer (Aurealis #42) is a standout in the most recent issue of the magazine, although it does keep good (if somewhat scary, story-wise) company!. Fischer's growth as a writer is evident in this powerful, sort of post-apocalyptic story, with an anti-hero surviving in a strange world of Now by any means necessary, until he finds himself fighting for something more than himself. There are moralistic overtones to this story, but they are neither overt nor out of place, and Fischer demonstrates once again that he is an author to watch.

Disclaimer: I have published work by Jason Fischer and worked with him in various Australian publishing endeavours.