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Prepare for the onslaught, for I am catching up

I am catching up before I leave for WFC. Here and in the next 10 or so posts will be a jumble of randomly collated stories I have enjoyed this year.

Anna Tambour, "The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe", Subterranean Press 7
Tambour is rapidly becoming another favourite author of mine. She writes so far left field that you need binoculars to see her. And that's what makes reading her work so much fun because you never know what you're in for with her stories. And this one? It's so utterly revolting that I can't even tell you about it because it would spoil the read. Expect your stomach to churn.

David Marusek, "Osama Phone Home", F&SF December 2007
Note it is a reprint.
I really really liked this story - so much so that I slowed down reading it to make it last longer. This story takes boys/ivy league college clubs like the Skull and Crossbones to a whole new level. Why not use their coolective power for good? And yet ... all power corrupts, right? What I liked about this story was that it stretched believability and yet stayed very believable. That's hard to do.

Daryl Gregory, "Dead Horse Point", Asimovs August
This story is long and proceeds at a gentle pace. It's quite subtle but I found it very moving. What do you do when you love someone and the only way you can love them is to care 100% for them and get nothing in return? Just go on loving them, I guess. Pretty heartbreaking in its denouement.

Katherine Sparrow, "The Liminals", Glorifying Terrorism
This collection attempts to show that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. What I think I liked about this story in the collection was the presentation of liminals within it. I like to read about strong characters who don't fit mainstream stereotypical roles. This story is confronting with that but in so doing, it's quite refreshing.

Andrea Kail, "Soft, Like a Rabbit", Fantasy 6
This is another tender little story - perhaps aimed at a young YA audience. Just because you have the skills to fix something, doesn't mean you always can or even that you should. Bittersweet. Bring tissues.

Check out my full review of Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane to see what I thought about Tansy Rayner Roberts' "The Pastimes of Aunties" and Paul Haines' Where is Brisbane and How Many Times Do I Get There?".

Gill Ainsworth, "Going Underground", Ballista 2
You know, I just liked the idea of a naked woman running through the subway station and catching a train. I also liked the statement she was trying to make.
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